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About the Play

Musical. 80-90 minutes. 5 females, 6 males, 2+ any gender (13-30+ performers possible). Suitable for high school and older performers, and elementary school and older audiences.

Note about the score: A perusal copy of the score is included with the order of a Digital Perusal Script. A score that may be copied and used in performance comes with the order of a Production Copy License.


What do you do when your father claims you can spin straw into gold? If you’re Jane, daughter of the town miller, you end up imprisoned in the castle tower by the King and told to prove it. Jane has three days and nights: If she can turn straw into gold, she gets to marry the Prince, but if she fails, she and her father will be locked up forever. Just as all seems lost, a magical man appears from the shadows, offering a terrible price. Will Jane find a way to free herself from this devil’s bargain and claim her happily ever after in this musical adaptation of the fairy tale classic?

"Catherine Hurd and Vatrena King have created a charming musical that is well suited for family audiences with a fast-paced story and enchanting music that is captivating for all ages. We were proud to present the premiere production that delighted our Theatre for Families audiences."—Angela Baltezore, Executive Director, Woodland Opera House

Photos by Joshua Wheeler

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